NEW EVIDENCE: Young, Poor & Elderly suffering most because of austerity

Economic growth is slowing whilst there is major new evidence from Manchester University, the LSE & York University that cuts to public services have particularly affected families with young children – who have seen reduced spending on childcare, SureStart and early education services and the elderly – because of cuts in funding for community services.


Public fears force Government to accept Labour controls on fracking

In the face of overwhelming public concern the Government has – finally – accepted Labour plans to impose strict controls on fracking

Anti-fracking signs line the road next to a proposed shale gas site in Lancashire.

Anti-fracking signs line the road next to a proposed shale gas site in Lancashire. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Observer 17/1/2015

NHS Cuts threaten services at Victoria Central Health Centre

Rebuilt under the last Labour government, now services are at risk!

Labour will

– Guarantee that you can see a GP within 48 hours

– Bring together health and social care services

– Scrap Cameron’s health and Social Care Act

We will be out campaigning in Wallasey this weekend with Angela Eagle. Come and join us!

We will be out in Wallasey on 24th and 25th Jan, campaigning with Angela Eagle and our candidate for the Council elections, Giuseppe Roberto, including a social on the Saturday Evening at the Sea Horse, New Brighton. Come and join us!

Sat 24th Jan Campaigning starts at 10am and 2.15pm at Grove Rd Train Station, followed by  a Social at 5pm at the Sea Horse, New Brighton

Sun 25th Jan Campaigning starts at 11am at Grove Rd train station.


Why we must stop NHS privatisation – private companies put profit first

The critical difference between public and private healthcare – If it isn’t making making a profit the private sector will walk away.

The only private company running an NHS hospital has given up the contract because of growing A&E demand, reduced funding and criticism from the health watchdog 

Help us win on May 7!

We are fighting to win on May 7. Not just for Angela Eagle being re-elected as our MP but also for a Labour councillor to be elected to represent Wallasey on Wirral council. There are lots of ways in which you can help. To get started, just click “Volunteer” at the top of the page.