Police Cash Crisis: Mersey Police lost 650 officers since 2010

Neighbourhood Police teams in Wallasey will be disbanded if Tory cuts continue according to Jane Kennedy, Merseyside’s Police Commissioner.

Jan Kennedy

“At this rate we will have lost 3,000 police jobs by 2019, out of the 7,276 we had in 2010, if Tory plans continue.

These cuts are affecting the Force’s ability to respond,
especially through the neighbourhood policing style which is so popular with the public. With 40% fewer officers and staff Merseyside Police will be forced to abandon this important part of their service in spite of the public’s view that more police officers are needed, not fewer.

The Labour Party has set out a plan to save thousands of the threatened jobs,a policy that would enable Merseyside Police to preserve neighbourhood police teams.

Jane said

If you want neighbourhood Police Officers and Police and Community Support Officers in Wallasey then vote Labour. There is only one choice, one Party that understands how important a local police presence is and that’s the Labour Party.


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