Guardian report of hustings for leader and deputy leader elections

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Leadership candidates’ Stevenage husting

Labour leadership hustingsThe candidates for Labour leader are questioned at a second husting, this time in Stevenage. This is a BBC report

Get magazines for free with Wirral Libraries’ new service

Free-eMagsYou can now get digital copies of current issues of popular magazines through the Wirral Libraries service. You can download the magazine and read it on your computer, tablet or smart phone and keep it as long as you want!

All you need is to be a library member and have your library card number and a valid email address. For more info and to access the service go to the libraries’ website here and click on “eMagazines” in the left hand column.

You can get details of all the titles via the libraries website (link above) but the magazines currently available include:

* BBC Good Food  * BBC History Magazine  *BBC Music Magazine  * Cammell Laird – The Inside Story * Computer Active  * Cross Stitch Collection  * Cycling active * Digital SLR Photography  * Everton Magazine  * Gardeners World  * Golf Monthly  * Good Homes  * Health and Fitness  * Horrible Histories  * Incredible wirral  * Lonely Planet Traveller  * Prima Baby  * The Knitter  * The Kop Magazine  * Total Guitar  * What Car?  * Who do you think you are?  * Your family Tree

If you aren’t sure what CSE is, please listen

A Wallasey man has just been jailed for grooming a teenage girl. If you have any concerns, for yourself or someone that you know, this is an excellent local website where you can get information about child sexual exploitation and help if you need it.

Go there anyway, because we all have a responsibility to protect young people and you will find advice on what to look out for and posters that you can print off and ask to be displayed in your workplace, in local shops and by social and community groups. So that we all become more aware of what CSE is and what we can do.