The Best of times, the worst of times

OK, we were sad at the general election result. And because we didn’t get a Labour councillor elected to represent Wallasey. Because Giuseppe would have been a good, hard working and conscientious councillor for Wallasey.

But we did work hard and contributed to Angela almost doubling her majority as the MP. Angela now has one of the safest Labour seats in England. Well done Angela!

As for the Council election; more of us put in more effort than ever before. We didn’t win, this time, but the figures are moving in our direction.  We can see that the election of a Labour Councillor in Wallasey is a realistic possibility and it is our primary objective.

Congratulations to Angela, so good and so popular the Tories hardly bothered, reduced to putting up a candidate from Stockport as a token gesture. Thanks to Giuseppe, for being such a committed candidate and for working so hard. Thanks to everyone in the branch who was involved in the general or local election campaigns in any way at all.

And now it’s time to move on.


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