So what went wrong with the general election then?

It’s important that we talk about how and why we lost on May 7th and the lessons we need to learn for the future.

This is a selection of articles from various sources, most of which analyse the general election results to show how people voted and a couple that express views as to why people voted as they did.

The aim is to assist informed debate, unless specified the branch doesn’t have an official view. If there’s anything you think should be added contact us   

Untrusted on economy and competence: TUC polling sheds light on why Labour lost the election. Labour List article based on TUC election analysis.

How Britain voted in 2015. An analysis by Ipsos MORI of how people voted, based on age, gender and social class.

An anatomy of Labour’s defeat. Luke Akehurst. A comparison of voting figures in 2005, 2010 and 2015 for each region and some key seats. Concludes with the cheery comment that to get a majority in 2020 we will need an 8.7% swing, before any boundary changes.

The Battlefield in 2020. Luke Akehurst. Lists the seats we have to win in 2020 to get an overall majority.

Labour’s path back to power is tougher than you think.  Stephen Bush, New Statesman. Another listing of the seats we have to win in 2020 if we are to have a majority.

It was the working class, not the middle class, that sunk Labour. Jon Trickett, MP for Hemsworth, Labour Deputy chair, nominated Jeremy Corbyn in leadership election.

Jon Cruddas: this could be the greatest crisis the Labour party has ever faced. Observer interview by the MP who as Policy Coordinator played a major role in drafting the 2015 election manifesto.

The Marginal seats that swung the wrong way for Labour. Helen Pidd. Guardian article discussing with unsuccessful candidates in Bolton West and elsewhere how we lost in key marginals.


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