Labour council approves new £6m centre for young people

Wirral Globe

The Council has approved plans for a major new initiative for young people throughout the Wirral to be centred in a new £6m building next to the Birkenhead community fire station. It will also be a major contributor to the cost of the building and its £1m pa running costs. John Syvret CBE Chief Exec of Cammell Laird Group Ltd and Chair of Wirral Youth Zone, the charity which will run the centre, which will provide dance, sport, art, music and media opportunities for children from 8-19 says it will change the lives of thousands of young people throughout the Wirral.


Labour council consults, drops plans to charge for New Brighton parking

New Brighton seafront traders have expressed appreciation after council dropped plans to plans to charge for car parking following consultation.

Most people who have moved in the last year not eligible to vote

Research shows that 6 in 10 people who have moved house in the last year don’t have their up to date info on the electoral register and so are not able to vote in elections. Starting 31 July the Council is sending out forms for people to check that their details on the electoral register are correct and is also contacting people not included on the register and explaining how they can get onto it. More details here

Want to hear more from the Labour leadership candidates?

These are the next opportunities for you to hear the candidates for Labour leader. 



Sunday 19 July 11am BBC1 Sunday Politics Show

Wednesday 22 July 7pm LBC radio (click on this link and you can email your questions in advance and also listen live)

Monday 17 August 7pm Channel 4  News

Tuesday 25 August 8.30pm BBC Radio 5 Live

Thursday 3 September 7pm Sky News

But that’s not all – you can also catch up on some of the debates that have already taken place by following the links below!

The Victoria Derbyshire show 13 July

Newsnight special 17 June

Stevanage Hustings 20 June

And there is more! You can get weekly updates on the Labour Party website of statements by the candidates for Leader and Deputy Leader

Wirral Labour council plans “pragmatic, innovative and bold” response to further £120m of Tory cuts

The Tory government will make a further £120m of cuts in the council’s budget in the next five years. In response the Labour council has approved a plan for the next five years which includes securing £250m of private sector funding to create 5000 jobs and sharing services with neighbouring local authorities to reduce cost.

Phil Davies the council leader has described the plan as “pragmattic, innovative and bold”. Other plans include, improving standards in schools and clamping down on anti social behaviour.

Investment, jobs, housing key parts of Labour Council’s plans to 2020

Wirral’s Labour run Council has approved a plan setting out its objectives between now and 2020, including

# creating and safeguarding 5000 new jobs

# increasing the visitor economy by £100m

# creating and safeguarding 5,000 new jobs

# building and improving 7000 homes

You know where the welfare budget goes, don’t you?

We all know that most of the welfare budget goes on disability benefit, right? Or is it unemployment benefit? And housing benefit costs a lot, right? But then family benefits cost even more more. Or is it less?  Click here to make your own guess of where the welfare budget goes, and then find out what really happens.