Found out!: DWP admits making up helpful quotes from benefit claimants


Under pressure from a Freedom of Information challenge the DWP has admitted publishing a leaflet with made up quotes from non existent benefit claimants. The leaflet has been withdrawn, but will any Tory minister accept responsibility and resign?


Arrowe Park criticised following inspection

More evidence of how the NHS is struggling to cope under the Tories.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), which monitors standards of performance, carried out an inspection at Arrowe Park in May, after receiving reports of concern about some areas of the hospital. The CQC has now published its report.  The main conclusions are that the hospital must ensure that it has sufficient staff, with suitable qualifications and experience on duty at all times and that all procedures to ensure safe care are properly carried out.

You can read a copy of the report summary here (where you will also be able to read the full report if you want).

There is also a reasonable summary in the Wirral Globe which has also published an editorial supporting the  hospital as a beacon of excellence but criticising the senior management. Remarkably, however, it doesn’t however attribute any responsibility for the problems Arrowe Park is experiencing to the Government’s health policies and the financial pressures they are piling onto hospitals and community services.

Labour Leadership – who to vote for?


As the ballot papers go out here are two articles from the Guardian that might help you if you still haven’t made up your mind.

Firstly, Guardian journalists have summarised the views of the candidates on a variety of issues from austerity, to immigration to welfare. Check out the details here

Rather read what the candidates themselves have to say? Have all the emails and mailshots not been enough for you? Not a problem. Each candidate has given the Guardian a summary of why they are the best person to lead us to victory in 2020. Have a look here