If your income is £25,000pa and you want to buy a house, 93% of England and Wales is beyond your means.

Even in more affordable regions, prices have risen dramatically. The north-east has low median house prices but the proportion of income needed to buy has almost doubled.


Under the Tories the gap between wages and house prices is widening. In 1995, if you were on average pay and wanted to buy a house it would have cost between 3.2 times and 4.4 times your pay. Now, in many parts of England and Wales, houses are typically costing 6 times average earnings and in London it is twelve times.

Most mortgage lenders will not let you borrow more than 3.5-4 times your income and house prices have risen so much under the Tories that if your  income is £25,000 a year you cannot afford to buy an average house in 93% of England and Wales.

Even in Wallasey, where house prices are lower than the average for the North West, you would still find your choice limited. An income of £25,000pa would mean that, depending on which part of Wallasey you were looking at, average house prices would be 3.4-5 times your income. To find out where you could afford to own your own house under the Tories click here


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