Panorama on Corbyn tonight and other leader election stuff

Still not had enough of the Leadership campaign? Maybe you haven’t voted yet? Apparently a lot still haven’t, but don’t leave it too late – the ballots for leader and deputy close at 12 NOON THU 10 SEP 


  Whether or not you have already voted, maybe you want to know more about Jeremy Corbyn? If so tonight’s Panorama Jeremy Corbyn: Labour’s Earthquake (8.30 BBC1) could be for you. As the BBC puts it –     On 12 September the Labour Party will elect a new leader. Jeremy Corbyn, a rank outsider just a few weeks ago, is now the hot favourite with the bookies. If he wins, it will be nothing less than a political earthquake. What’s the secret of his meteoric rise? And who are the people who have signed up in their thousands to vote for him? With behind-the-scenes access to Jeremy Corbyn, reporter John Ware reveals how, from nowhere, he came to dominate this race. Could a victory for him mean a new dawn for the party, or will it spell electoral oblivion – or even the end of Labour as we know it? “

If you still aren’t decided who to vote for, or have already voted but are still excited and enthused by one (or more) of Andy, Jeremy,Liz and Yvette and want to hear more, well the hustings are over now, but you can still watch highlights of the last one, run by Sky News

Sky News


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