Why I knock doors for Labour (and you should too)

Not long to the local elections in May now. This article explains why we all need to campaign



Wirral Council plans £150m investment

“Where else can investors get UNESCO World Heritage views, a working port and dock system, award-winning schools and colleges and a local authority with a proven track record of supporting business?”  Council Leader Phil Davies 

Wirral Council is outlining a £150 investment plan, including major redevelopment of Birkenhead and developments elsewhere including Bidston Moss and Woodside. MORE

Liverpool Echo

NHS detractors warn that the service is a “bottomless pit”, yet all it needs is roughly the EU average, and for spending to rise with living standards.

In the winter crisis of 2000, Tony Blair promised to bring the UK up to the EU average – and Labour did. Its 7% rises saw the service measurably improve. But the NHS only reached that EU average briefly, before plunging down again.

The government hasn’t lied, or not quite. NHS funds have grown annually, but at just 0.9% a year for 10 years to 2020. It has never had so little. Since 1948 it has had an average 4% more a year, as numbers of the old rise, and expensive new technology and drugs save extra lives. MORE

Liverpool women's hospital

Liverpool Women’s Hospital

If the Danes, Swedes, French and Germans can spend more on health care without apparently bankrupting the rest of their economy, why can’t we?

Britain’s spending on its health service is falling by international standards and, by 2020, will be £43bn less a year than the average spent by its European neighbours, according to research by the King’s Fund. MORE

NHS workers protesting at the Conservative party conference in Manchester last October.