“Bill McGenity Presents”


 ‘Stake Night’

A fundraising social event with a cabaret
and hot supper.

Saturday 5th March 2016, 7:30pm,
St Mary’s Cricket club, Park road south,
Birkenhead CH43 4TS.

Only £5, payable on the door.

This is to raise funds to ‘stakeout’ the main routes of Wallasey with Vote Labour

Raising awareness of the importance of voting Labour in the 2016 local elections.


Under the Tories: police funding to be diverted to rural areas

Conservative police and crime commissioner says home secretary’s new formula expected to cut funding for cities in favour of rural areas. MORE

Tory Housing Policy “short sighted” and won’t work says Parliamentary Committee

A Parliamentary Committe chaired by a Tory Peer has criticised the Government’s housing policy and said that it won’t work.

“It is increasingly clear that we need to build more houses in

The Baroness O'Cathain OBE

Baroness O’Cathain

England and we wholeheartedly support that objective. However if we build those houses in the wrong place, to a poor standard,without the consent of local communities we are only storing up future misery for the people in those houses and others nearby.

“That is why we are recommending local authorities are once again empowered both to build new homes of their own, and to ensure all developments are of a suitably high quality.”