Find out how unfair Tory cuts to English councils are affecting Wirral Council

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Cuts to Labour councils five times higher than in Tory heartlands

The average cut in spending power per household for Labour council areas is more than five times higher than for those in Tory local authorities areas over the period between 2012 and 2020. MORE

White City Estate

Wirral Labour council plans “pragmatic, innovative and bold” response to further £120m of Tory cuts

The Tory government will make a further £120m of cuts in the council’s budget in the next five years. In response the Labour council has approved a plan for the next five years which includes securing £250m of private sector funding to create 5000 jobs and sharing services with neighbouring local authorities to reduce cost.

Phil Davies the council leader has described the plan as “pragmattic, innovative and bold”. Other plans include, improving standards in schools and clamping down on anti social behaviour.

Labour protects services, builds communities

and deals with £17m overspend by previous Tory/Lib Dem administration.

£600,000 to improve property conditions in the private sector
£1.5 million for a new house building programme
£4 million for LED street lighting
£2 million more for highways – over and above Government funding
£365,000 to tackle anti social behaviour

“Our budget is responsible, sustainable and delivers social justice”  Cllr Phil Davies, Council Leader

Phil Davies

Labour freezes council tax, cuts car park charges

The Labour group’s budget has been approved by the full council by 57 votes – 4.
It includes:
Council tax FROZEN
Car park charges CUT
£7million investment in child and adult services
Extra £1.9million for schools
£800,000 of grants for local businesses

Labour Group delivers budget to protect local communities and help local businesses

“Government cuts have slashed Wirral’s budget by £151m since 2010 – that’s equivalent to a 57% cut in income – and disregarding the Tories’ political scaremongering, we have announced a budget that will protect vital services, makes our neighbourhoods safer and cleaner and supports local high streets and small businesses.”

Phil Davies, Labour Leader of Wirral Council

Details here

Wirral Labour Group delivers: Council Tax Freeze AND…

CUT in car parking charges

EXTRA funding to tackle anti social behaviour

NO CLOSING of libraries; children’s centres or One Stop Shops

MORE MONEY for social services and homelessness

Proposals to go to full Council meeting on 24 February.

Full details here

Following the massive consultation with local residents and community organisations the Labour leadership of Wirral Council will submit its full budget proposals for 2015/16 – which include all of the above – to a meeting of the full council on 24 February.

Why May 7th 2015 matters

Earlier this week the Council agreed to cuts of £2.5m in its budget.

It’s todays style to denigrate all politicians, but the truth is that the services that they are responsible for matter and have a major impact on their local communities, on families and individuals. The latest cuts, including reducing library opening hours and ending a 5% council tax discount for people over 70 are no different. But the Council has a duty to set a legal budget and the hard, cruel fact, is that in the last four years this government has imposed massive cuts in funding for local authorities and and, as a result, the local services that they provide.  In the Wirral the Council has had to make cuts of £150 million in the last four years and next year will need to cut another £18 million.

Cuts on this scale cannot be made by tinkering at the edges. The Council has the difficult responsibility of trying to ensure that the massive cuts that the Tory/Lib Dem austerity policies require are made as fairly as possible. Any cut, whatever it is and wherever it is made is likely to provoke opposition, but if savings aren’t made in one place they must come somewhere else.  To borrow a phrase used by the late Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and often quoted by  her Tory supporters,  there is no alternative. Not for the next four months, until the General Election on May 7th.