Tory minister: Boris Johnson didn’t believe what he was saying


Tory Brexiteer Dan Hannan insists quitting the EU does NOT mean dramatic cuts to the number of immigrants coming to Britain

But Leave repeatedly claimed quitting the EU was how to hit the target of getting net migration down to the tens of thousands  MORE 

Theresa Griffin MEP guest speaker at Constituency Labour Party

Theresa Griffin, one of the Labour MEPs for the North West is guest speaker at the Wallasey Constituency Labour Party this Friday, 27 November.

Theresa Griffin MEP Birkenhead Jul 2015

Theresa (l) speaking at Birkenhead in July

The meeting starts at 7pm at Parkview Sports and Social Club,88 Liscard Rd, Wallasey CH44 8AB

All members are welcome to attend. Please bring your membership card