Jeremy Corbyn statement on London attack.


London Attack

CLP Meeting cancelled


Corbyn “We can’t leave the negotiations with Europe to the Tories”

Labour’s membership has surged to half a million. And all of us know freedom of movement will never be accepted if it means the freedom to exploit cheap labour” MORE

Boarded-up housing in Middlesbrough: ‘Leave voters were concentrated in former industrial areas hit hardest by low pay, job insecurity and economic stagnation.’

Echo’s take on Branch support for Corbyn

“Showdown as Wallasey MP Angela Eagle’s local Labour branch back Corbyn”  MORE

Branch supports Jeremy Corbyn

Last night at our branch meeting Wallasey BRANCH Labour Party passed, with an overwhelming majority, a motion of support for Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party .

As such we wish to send our message of support to our Leader Jeremy Corbyn at this time as we work together on the larger issues effecting our society.


Call on David Cameron to act to protect our steel industry & recall Parliament

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