Wirral Labour council plans “pragmatic, innovative and bold” response to further £120m of Tory cuts

The Tory government will make a further £120m of cuts in the council’s budget in the next five years. In response the Labour council has approved a plan for the next five years which includes securing £250m of private sector funding to create 5000 jobs and sharing services with neighbouring local authorities to reduce cost.

Phil Davies the council leader has described the plan as “pragmattic, innovative and bold”. Other plans include, improving standards in schools and clamping down on anti social behaviour.


Investment, jobs, housing key parts of Labour Council’s plans to 2020

Wirral’s Labour run Council has approved a plan setting out its objectives between now and 2020, including

# creating and safeguarding 5000 new jobs

# increasing the visitor economy by £100m

# creating and safeguarding 5,000 new jobs

# building and improving 7000 homes

Labour protects services, builds communities

and deals with £17m overspend by previous Tory/Lib Dem administration.

£600,000 to improve property conditions in the private sector
£1.5 million for a new house building programme
£4 million for LED street lighting
£2 million more for highways – over and above Government funding
£365,000 to tackle anti social behaviour

“Our budget is responsible, sustainable and delivers social justice”  Cllr Phil Davies, Council Leader

Phil Davies

Labour freezes council tax, cuts car park charges

The Labour group’s budget has been approved by the full council by 57 votes – 4.
It includes:
Council tax FROZEN
Car park charges CUT
£7million investment in child and adult services
Extra £1.9million for schools
£800,000 of grants for local businesses