Mary Creagh out; Jeremy Corbyn struggling; only Burnham, Cooper & Kendall in ballot so far.


Andy Burnham: leadership and values important

Speaking at a husting for Labour MPs Andy Burnham has said that the party needs strong leadership and big changes, but that it shouldn’t distance itself from the last five years, especially Ed Miliband’s emphasis on equality.  The other leadership candidates also spoke at the meeting.

Only three leadership candidates on the ballot so far

Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall have at least 35 nominations each from Labour MPs so will be on the ballot, but Mary Creagh and Jeremy Corbyn are struggling, according to the Guardian

Labour leadership husting at Fabian summer conference

There is a detailed report in the Guardian of the hustings, which all of the candidates attended, including Jeremy Corbyn.

This is the Labour List report of the same meeting

Statements by Labour leader candidates

Liz Kendall has published an open letter to British trade unionists and has set out many of her views in a short speech at a lunch for the Westminster press gallery. She spoke in her constituency about her commitment to education, especially in the early years and said that “The Labour party that I lead will always remember its purpose”

Mary Creagh has given a New Statesman interview about her life, before Westminster, in local government and her position on devolution. She has given Sky News an interview on why she is standing.

Andy Burnham has done a Mirror interview on what Labour should do in the next five years. In his first major speech, at Ernst and Young, Burnham says “Labour will value the entrepeneur as much as the nurse or teacher”.  The article is reported by the Huffington Post, which says Burnham told the audience that Labour could never win an election without business support or the backing of white van man and woman. The Guardian also reports him as telling business leaders that Labour “should value spirit of free enterprise.”   The Huffington Post also has an article headed “Andy Burnham first to get on ballot of Labour leader race, attacks Miliband’s ‘metropolitan elite'”

Yvette Cooper has given the Independent an interview on “I Want the Labour party to lead a revolution in family support.”. She has told the Huffington Post why she thinks we lost the election and what the Labour party needs to do to renew itself. She has also done a Newsnight interview with Laura Kuenssberg. She was also interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show on the 31 May and said Labour “should not be swallowing the Tory manifesto”. This is the Guardian report of the interview, which describes her as “distancing herself” from Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall.