Vote to Give WALLASEY a voice in the Council. Vote for Bill McGenity. Polling stations are open 7am-10pm. You don’t need to take anything with you to vote. You don’t need your polling card. You don’t need ID. Just you 🙂

Today there is also an election for the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner. Vote to cut crime, not police. Vote for the present Commissioner, JANE KENNEDY to continue her good work.

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Merseyside PCC candidate David Burgess-Joyce was sacked by Soca

A candidate for Merseyside’s police and crime commissioner was sacked by the former Serious and Organised Crime Agency (Soca), it has emerged. MORE

David Burgess-Joyce

David Burgess-Joyce says he signed a non-disclosure agreement when he left Soca which means he cannot reveal anything about his departure

Under the Tories: police funding to be diverted to rural areas

Conservative police and crime commissioner says home secretary’s new formula expected to cut funding for cities in favour of rural areas. MORE


End the cuts to Merseyside Police – over 11,000 people have already signed the petition from Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy, the Police Commissioner, is so concerned about the effect that more cuts by the Tory government will have on Merseyside police that she has created an online petition. If it gets 100,000 signatures it will be considered for a parliamentary debate. Over 11,000 people have already signed the petition. Please click here to signPolicePetition


Merseyside Police Commissioner threatens legal challenge to Tory police cuts

Jane Kennedy, the Merseyside Police Commissioner has joined with six other Commissioners and London’s Deputy Mayor for policing to threaten a judicial review if the Government goes ahead with the further cuts to police budgets that are planned.

Merseyside crime commissioner Jane Kennedy


Funeral of Wirral PC Dave Phillips

The funeral of PC Dave Phillips was held on Monday.

Wirral Globe:

A photo of PC Dave Phillips with his daughters was on display inside the cathedral. Picture courtesy of Press Association.


Burglary at the Cheese


The Cheshire Cheese pub in Wallasey Village was broken in to over the weekend.


Appalling killing of a police officer in Wallasey

Police officer killed by burglars named as Dave Phillips, married with two young children.


Police Cash Crisis: Mersey Police lost 650 officers since 2010

Neighbourhood Police teams in Wallasey will be disbanded if Tory cuts continue according to Jane Kennedy, Merseyside’s Police Commissioner.

Jan Kennedy

“At this rate we will have lost 3,000 police jobs by 2019, out of the 7,276 we had in 2010, if Tory plans continue.

These cuts are affecting the Force’s ability to respond,
especially through the neighbourhood policing style which is so popular with the public. With 40% fewer officers and staff Merseyside Police will be forced to abandon this important part of their service in spite of the public’s view that more police officers are needed, not fewer.

The Labour Party has set out a plan to save thousands of the threatened jobs,a policy that would enable Merseyside Police to preserve neighbourhood police teams.

Jane said

If you want neighbourhood Police Officers and Police and Community Support Officers in Wallasey then vote Labour. There is only one choice, one Party that understands how important a local police presence is and that’s the Labour Party.


Labour will scrap police and crime commissioners and invest in community policing

Launch of Labour General Election campaign, London, Britain - 27 Mar 2015

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary