Not only have Tories forced families into debt with universal credit they’re charging 55p p/m to use their helpline.


Under the Tories: No pay rise for 15 years.

Workers in Britain are on course to suffer an unprecedented 15 years of lost earnings growth and have been warned to prepare for a third successive parliament of austerity by a leading thinktank. MORE

a pay packet and pay slipPhoto: Alamy

Tory party at war as Iain Duncan Smith allies slam ‘immoral cuts’

David Cameron and George Osborne were struggling to maintain a semblance of unity in the Tory party as allies of Iain Duncan Smith said he had quit the cabinet because he regarded their cuts to welfare as “morally indefensible”.Iain Duncan Smith

Iain Duncan Smith’s allies said he regarded cuts to welfare as ‘morally indefensible’. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Under the Tories: Government’s own watchdog criticises it’s plan to cut benefits for disabled by £30pw

Iain Duncan Smith has urged Tory MPs to reject the Government’s own human rights watchdog and support controversial disability benefits cuts. MORE


Iain Duncan Smith Secretary of State for Work & Pensions. Reuters

Welfare system failing thousands

Terminally ill left without money; Royal British Legion forced to give £133,000 in emergency payments for food, clothing and fuel; long delays in making payments leaving people with no money – the reality of life in Tory England for many of our sick and disabled.A food bank in South Shields

Sign the petition to stop the closure of the Wallasey job centre

Our Laboour MP, Angela Eagle has condemned the the announcement that the Wallasey job centre is closing as “reckless” and has tabled an early day motion. But we can’t leave it up to politicians like Angela, important though their support is. The government needs to see that there is widespread opposition to the plans and the hardship and inconvenience they will cause to local unemployed people and those wanting advice, who will have to get to Birkenhead if these plans go ahead. So we need as many people as possible to sign the official petition calling on the government to scrap the whole idea.  Will you sign the petition now?

Found out!: DWP admits making up helpful quotes from benefit claimants


Under pressure from a Freedom of Information challenge the DWP has admitted publishing a leaflet with made up quotes from non existent benefit claimants. The leaflet has been withdrawn, but will any Tory minister accept responsibility and resign?