Watch and RT Denise’s story: the Tories have left thousands of women with no pension and no justice. Labour will stand up for WASPI women¬†


3 Minutes that could change lives for women across Britain

Women are more likely to work for less pay than men. More women work part-time and in low paid sectors, and are disproportionately affected by cuts to public services. The gender pay gap means that women in the UK take home just 81p for every £1 a man earns. This is well below the EU average Рand at the current rate it will be another 47 years until the gap is closed! MORE

Women hit hardest by Government austerity

The Fawcett Society is launching a major campaign, highlighting the ways in which many women have seen their lives get worse under this government. Becoming poorer; seeing their pay cut in real terms; less equal; overburdened; more vulnerable; less independent.

General Election 2015 – The Fawcett Society.

Image Courtesy of Jacky Fleming